Maximizing Your Jewels with Limited Time Trading

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Buying jewels in Clash of Lords 2 can be pretty costly, especially at the current price at around 2000 jewels for $10. You can alternatively get jewels for free in-game by completing the daily events, and with Arena awards and with both of these you could easily reach around 8000 jewels if you’re playing for free each month. However, there is a way to increase your monthly balance by at least 40% and that’s by always using the ‘Limited-Time Trading’ event.

‘Limited-Time Trading’ is an event that happens every few days (normally once per week for the jewels one) and is one of the easiest tasks to complete within the game, providing that you have jewels saved already. The event allows you to trade a number of your jewels (normally around 6000-8000) and in return you get jewels back, but in an even larger quantity! Ok ok, so this probably sounds like a “WTH?” moment, but it’s true, within the game you can actually trade your jewels in and receive even more jewels back instantly…

Normally the event will run for 24 hours around once a week, this week for example we were able to trade in 6000 jewels, and received back 9000 jewels instantly. That netted us an additional 3000 jewels absolutely free! And all you have to do to enter the event is ensure that you always have around 8000 jewels saved in your jewel balance at any one time. This may be hard to do, especially with other events going on in the game, but if you can keep 8000 jewels back then everytime the trading event is active, you’ll be able to bank an additional few thousand jewels absolutely free… That’s a ton more 10x hero hires you could do that haven’t cost you a penny.

To show you exactly how the Limited-Time trading works, check out our Clash of Lords 2 video below.

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