Maximizing Your Exp in Campaign Clash

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The Campaign Clash game mode within Clash of Lords 2 is a well-known daily event in which you can earn new Heroes, Exp Eggs and Hero Shards. That may sound great on its own, however the most beneficial thing to get is the free boost of experience points for your heroes after completing the event.

In Campaign Clash, you can choose up to 15 heroes and fight through the 18 dungeons – if you’ve already successfully completed the first few dungeons then there’s an ‘Auto-Clear’ button which will boost you through the first few dungeons on auto-pilot, letting you only have to finish off the last few fights manually, which is a real time-saver when you’re trying to complete all of the dungeons every day.

Higher level players will only need to use their top 5 heroes in order to complete daily event fully and the higher level your town hall, the higher the exp boost your heroes will receive at the end. The thing that most people miss out on in Campaign Clash is not filling all 15 of their available slots with heroes. Every hero, even if they don’t participate in a battle will earn exp at the end of the match. So if you use your 5 main heroes and fill the additional 10 hero slots with low-quality level 1 heroes, you’ll be able to level up those 10 heroes up to around level 12-20, this may not sound like much but if you combine all 10 of those level 12-20 junk heroes into an exp egg, and do that on a daily basis, then you’ll be able to save a whole heap of extra exp which you can then use on your main heroes. That’s the same as getting an extra 10 free gold exp eggs every single day!

We’ve put all of this into our Clash of Lords 2 video guide which will explain further how to get the most amount of experience point from Campaign Clash.

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