How to Get Hero Equipment

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In Clash of Lords 2, not only do you need to worry about leveling up your heroes, evolving them and upgrading their skill, but you also need to create and equip them with a weapon to help increase their attack even more. Weapon equipment helps in many all game modes from Arena to Campaign Clash, but also acts as one of the biggest factors in Hero Trials, so you need to aim for one weapon on each hero, even on your aids!

Equipment increases your heroes following stats:

  • Attack Damage (e.g +1000 Atk)
  • Attack Damage (e.g +5% Atk)
  • Mercenary Attack (e.g +5% Base Attack)
  • Hit Rate %
  • Crit Rate %
  • Crit Damage %

Each weapon type also boasts a special effect, which works well with certain heroes. A bow weapon is better suited to a Sharpshooter such a Chiron for example.

Upgrading Clash of Lords 2 Hero Equipment

To gain shards for weapons as well as materials to upgrade them, you will need to complete the mission within the El Dorado game mode. Then head over to the Forging Block to see your current weapons and to upgrade them. Weapon upgrades work similar to heroes, where you need to find ‘Exp Stones’ rather than ‘Exp Eggs’ in order to level them up. Weapons can only be levelled up to a certain level (1-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50 etc) before they need to be evolved with materials gained from El Dorado.

As every hero you use, even your aid benefit from wielding a weapon, you will need to start running through the El Dorado missions on a daily basis. Missions which you have already completed can be “Auto Completed” so it will only take a minute per day to run through it to gain your daily boost of material and exp stones. It’s best to tart saving these materials as early as possible in-game as it get’s harder and harder to upgrade them when you have so many weapons to upgrade and develop.

COL2 Equipment Video Guide

We’ve put together a handy video guide which will guide you through all aspects of hero weapon equipment from how to get materials, forging, upgrading, evolving and equipping.



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