How and What to Build in Game of War

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Constructing buildings within your city is the first major step when playing the game. Buildings differ and are all unique, some provide resources, some give bonuses, some let you learn advancements for your skills and others let you train units and defenses.

It’s up to you where you build and how many of each building you decide to have within your city, so you need to find a good strategy that will help you benefit the most from the buildings you have.

How To Build A Building / Resource Collector

  1. Firstly, Select an empty building spot within your Kingdom.
    Note: Resource collectors can only be built outside your city walls.
  2. Next, Select what building or resource collector to build.
    Note: It costs resources to build anything, so ensure you have enough supplies before hand!
  3. Press Build to start the construction.
    Note: You will normally always receive bonus power and a few resources for each building you create.
  4. Any building that takes less than 5 minutes to build will show the “Free” button next to the building timer.
    As your VIP Level increases (which is increased by logging on daily), this free build time Increases, each time you move up a VIP level, the free build time moves up to 7, minutes, 9 minutes, 11 minutes and so on.
  5. Using the “Free” Instant Build buttons, you can build buildings on all your empty spots and level them all up to at least level 3 instantly – this will give you a great head start!

So… you know how to build and construct resource collectors.
Now here’s our guide on how many of each of these buildings you should have to better improve your strengths.


  • Villas – 6
  • Barracks – 4
  • Hospitals – 5

Apart from these buildings stated, you can only build one of each of the other buildings.

Resource Collectors

  • Farms – 10 – 13
  • Logging Camps – 4 – 5
  • Mines – 4 – 5
  • Quarry’s – 4 – 5

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