Game of War Hero, Skill & Equipment Guide

Each player, as soon as you start in game is given a Hero. This is your character who levels up and grows as you progress through the game.
For every quest that you complete and every successful attack on an opponent’s city, your Hero earns experience points which then he/she uses to level up with.
Your Hero has a unique set of Skill Talents that you can teach him/her, which each time he/she levels up you can use talent points to improve its skills.

How to See My Hero and Skills

Your Hero can be selected from clicking his/her avatar icon at the top left of your general screen.
When you open up this screen, you will see your Hero, along with the armor and weapon slots and a button for “Skill Points”.

Skill Points for My Hero

Now, as your Hero levels up, you will be given more points to use on the talents. So when you’ve got some Skill Points to use, simply go to the Skill Points section and choose where to put the points. The effects of the skills work for your entire city!
You can improve things like:

  • Resource production to increase food, ore, stone or wood per hour.
  • Reduce build times of constructions.
  • Reduce research times in the academy.
  • Increase attack power of your troops.
  • Increase defense power of your troops.

Armor and Weapons

You can craft armor and weapons for your Hero! This is done by using the Forge within your city. Although you will need to find the required items needed for each recipe before you can start the crafting process.

You can find materials used in crafting by –

  • Randomly when you collect resources from resource tiles outside your city.
  • From material chests which you can get as prizes, from the casino, from the alliance store or purchased via gold.

You can craft all types of items from helmets, boots, weapons etc and there are hundreds to be made. Each piece of armor or weaponry has special abilities that will improve a certain aspect of your hero. This could range from food production to attack power for your troops to faster march times o match it up to what you need most. Most players equip their hero with armor that increases the food production from their city, as food as one of the most needed resources to keep your army alive and moving.

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