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If you’re new to playing Game of War then it can be a little overwhelming with all of the building which you can build. To help you out, we’ve collated a list and explanation of what each of the buildings (normal and resource) are for.

Used to train troops. The more barracks and higher leveled barracks you have then the more troops you can train at one time.
Note: Even though you may have multiple barracks, you can only train one lot of troops at a time.

Used to house citizens in return for generating silver.
Villas also reduce troop training time in the barracks by 1% each level per villa.

Heals wounded troops. Only heals troops that were inside defending your city during an attack.

Warns you of any incoming marches.
Provide a warning system that tells you of any incoming units, whether they be attacks or resources from other allied players.
Note: The WatchTower is already built to level 1 when you first enter the game.

Gives XP boosts to your hero. Increases XP earned by your hero by 5% each level up of the building.

Used to send resources to allies. Can only be built once you are in an Alliance. The higher the level, the more reource you can send at a time.

Lets you research improvements and additional skills. Unlock new troops to train and new defenses which you can then build.

Protects resources from being stolen when attacked.
Note: Does not protect silver unless the building is level 21.

Protects your city with additional defenses. The higher level your walls are, the more defenses you can have protecting your city.

Allows you to receive allied reinforcements. Lets your Alliance members send their troops to your city to help protect you from attacks.

Allows enemy heroes to be captured by you. Holds enemy heroes if you were successful in a massive defeat of the enemy city.

Boosts your city upon executing an enemies hero. Each time you execute an enemies Hero, you will gain some extra boosts.

Hall Of War
Allows you to start war rallies against enemies. A war rally lets you and allied members put your troops together to attack one city at mass.

Resource Buildings

There are 4 resource collecting buildings which you can construct within your city (but outside your walls).

Used to make food for your city.

Logging Camps
Used to create wood for your city from trees.

Mines ore from the ground below.

Digs out Stone from the ground below.

Each time you level up a resource building, the more resources you will make from it each hour.

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