Gaining Resources in Game of War

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Resources are a major part of the gameplay within Game of War, sometimes you will be so low on them that you’ll be struggling to start any new building projects and then at other times you’ll have tonnes left spare just sitting there. You can gain resources from quite a few different ways, and we list the best methods below.

How To Get Resources

Resources are obtained by 3 main areas:

  • Through resource collector buildings in your city.
  • By sending your troops to collect them from resource tiles on the world map.
  • Getting free resource from guild packs, chests and the casino.
  • Asking your alliance members to send you resources.

Around the world, in your map view, you will see NPC (AI controlled) farms, log camps, mines and quarry’s dotted around the surrounding areas. These are free to use, so any player can send their troops to the resource tile and collect the resources from it. Each resource tile only has a certain amount of resources saved until it disappears, so the higher the level of the tile the more there will be to gather.
Don’t worry though, as when the tiles disappears, new ones will spawn back around in the same area in a day or two.

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