Hi there! If you’re on this page then you must want to know more about who, what, where, why and how E2G began. Well, we’ve got a story for you so pull up a chair and read on to learn more about…

The Beginning…

Originally, like all good things, Earn2Game started as an idea between two gamer friends as a way to help their guild/clan members get ahead of the competition by offering Google Play Cards in return for them completing a few quick actions such as filling in offers and surveys. Then with their Google Play cards, guild members would be able to buy extra in-game currency and items to become more powerful, more quickly, without the need for them to actually spend any real life money themselves!

While setting up a system for their guild members to complete simple tasks in return for points which they could redeem for rewards, it was decided that something this great shouldn’t be kept secret from the world and that all gamers should be able to participate, giving them the chance to get rewards that they might not be able to afford, or just to get even more ahead of their enemies!

A few months later, the two friends had planned, developed, tested and launched the Earn2Game website, giving any gamer the chance of earning cool rewards.

Girl GamerAbout Turmoil

Turmoil is the leading Lady who gets the E2G name out there, participating with advertising the site, social media and by word of mouth.
She’s a well-known gamer within the gaming community and has built-up a lot of trust with her fellow guild members and friends which she has gained from playing a whole bunch of games ranging from World of Warcraft (PC) to Clash of Lords 2 (Mobile).

In her spare time, she loves to draw and write guides, so you’ll be seeing her work around the Comic and Guide sections of E2G, helping our users out even more with funny comics to enjoy and tips and guides on how to become pro’s in certain games.

Role: Founder, Admin, Advertiser and Content Creation.

Boy GamerAbout Andy

Andy is the main guy behind coding the E2G website, its security and maintenance. Being a gamer for more years than he would like to remember, Andy has played many many games and helped to create and run multiple gaming websites and game servers for games like 7 Days to Die and ARK.
In his spare time, you’ll find Andy lurking around in a game or writing up a new guide for E2G users.

Role: Founder, Admin, Coding and Security.